At Madwise, we handle digital marketing with a comprehensive approach that guarantees clients long-term growth and foundations for a quick upgrade of digital marketing activities. We follow the Madwise Pyramid, where each step supports the next and enables manageable company growth and its digital activities.

Onetime campaigns vs. integrated approach

At Madwise, we prefer integrated projects with efficient and measurable campaigns.

Marketing doesn’t always implement steady, linear processes. Onetime campaigns can cause sales fluctuations, fewer leads, and worsening of other results when campaigns are not running. At Madwise, we help establish an entire digital marketing infrastructure, which makes the campaigns more efficient, creates lower costs and improves the company online presence – even when they aren’t running any campaigns. We always start our work most transparently and pose many questions, to provide excellent output and turn our clients into efficient digital marketing ambassadors.

Madwise Pyramid

Our approach is based on an online presence strategy that lays the groundwork for all the next steps.

The foundation of all activities is an efficient online site that helps clients meet their business objectives, sales, or lead generation. We follow with building a more significant presence in online search engines with SEO optimisation, Google Ads and Facebook advertising, and content marketing. The pyramid’s peak represents marketing automation, which helps to personalise brand communication with B2C or B2B buyers.

Madwise Pyramid Madwise Pyramid