We delivered 647% more new quality leads and increased sales by 126% in less than 6 months.

Madwise fueled growth for Joan, a pioneering workplace management system, with a full-funnel strategy: targeted ads, SEO, lead magnets, landing pages, and marketing automation.


We Increased Žak Online Revenue by 80% with a 6-fold ROAS from Google Ads

Madwise helped Žak improve the efficiency of paid advertising and drive more revenue profitably during the most competitive time of the year – all while having the best-selling brand out of the assortment.


Modern, User-Friendly Web Store for Delightful Home Products

We crafted a minimalist, mobile-friendly store that prioritizes user experience (UX), making it easy for customers to browse and shop Mellow products.


We Increased Euroton Online Sales by 42% through SEO and Google Ads

We implemented a comprehensive digital strategy, combining off-site SEO to drive 185% more revenue from organic traffic, and Google Ads campaigns to effectively reach target audiences.


A 238% Increase in Sales and a 47% Higher Facebook ROAS for Online Fashion Store

Our data-driven approach to Facebook ads delivered a significant increase in sales and higher efficiency. This success extended beyond Facebook, leading to sales spike across all channels.


We Helped Perla Optics Expand to Younger Audiences with a Fresh Visual Identity

We crafted a vibrant visual identity for eyewear brand, showcasing a playful logo, youthful color scheme, and modern typography, perfectly capturing the spirit of their target audience aged 20 to 40.

Perla Optics

We Created an Interactive Website for Hooray Studios’ Personalized Books

Working with one of Slovenia’s most successful companies, Hooray Studios, we designed and developed a business website. Interactive experience invites users into the enchanting world of Mali junaki personalized books.

Hooray Studios

We Promoted Red Bull Goni Pony Event with a Gamified Prize Campaign

We crafted a gamified prize campaign for the annual Red Bull's Goni Pony to Vršič Race, driving audience engagement and promoting the iconic event with a fun, retro twist.

Goni Pony event promotion

We Enhanced Ford Magazine Online Engagement of Slovene Fans

We transformed Ford Magazine into an engaging online hub, stimulating customer journeys, and driving lead generation through tailored content for enthusiasts, owners, and future buyers.

Ford Magazine

More Traffic and Quality Leads with Advanced SEO & User-Friendly Website

Advanced SEO & user-friendly design boosted organic traffic and leads for S&T Slovenia. Their new website showcases expertise and simplifies navigation for a large content volume.


Streamlined Ford Shopping Experience with Prva

Madwise built Prva, a user-friendly platform that streamlines the car buying journey for Slovenian consumers. Browse Fords, check inventory, book test drives, and request quotes – all online!

Ford Prva izbira

Driving New Qualified Leads For Izoterm Plama with Conversion-Optimized Website

We transformed Izoterm Plama's website into a lead generation machine. Optimized for conversions, it attracted a higher volume of qualified leads interested in their innovative insulation materials across the European market.


We Empowered Alta to Leap to #1 on Google with an SEO-Fueled Landing Page for Registry Accounts

We conducted a comprehensive SEO optimization for Alta, and combined it with strategic content marketing, educating users about registry accounts, and generating leads. The result? Top Google ranking and bigger volume of new qualified leads.

Alta - Registrski račun
alma vista

We Helped Alma Vista Unveil Luxury with a User-Friendly Website

We created a user-friendly website that reflects the elegance and diversity of the Villa Alma Vista. It features stunning photos, clear information, and a simple booking system for a seamless guest experience.

Alma Vista
todo in slovenia

Website Redesign for Seamless Online Booking and Unforgettable Experiences

We renovated To Do In Slovenia's website, where we highlighted their unique day trip offerings. We created a user-friendly design, a seamless online booking system, and engaging content, attracting tourists seeking exceptional adventures in Slovenia.

To Do In Slovenia

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