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238% more purchases from Meta ads at 48% higher ROAS

A case study of how we helped online fashion store Opsy.si improve all aspects of its online business - from driving more traffic to achieving higher ROAS from paid advertising. We exceeded all of our goals in just a few months of working together.

  • 238 %

    more purchases

  • 47,6 %

    higher ROAS

  • 26,6 %

    lower cost per acquisition (CPA)

Opsy.si is an online fashion store specializing in high-quality clothing made in Slovenia. Since 2018, it has been delighting its customers with a diverse selection of women's and men's clothing. The store also boasts a rich history in the fashion world, having been present for over 30 years through its physical store, Dona, located in Tržič.

Untapped Potential

Opsy.si has been advertising on Facebook before our cooperation, with satisfactory results. However, they felt they weren't maximizing their online sales and advertising potential. In simpler terms, they knew they could achieve more, but the "how" remained a mystery.

As we do with all new partners, our team began with a comprehensive review of Opsy.si's past advertising efforts. This analysis provided valuable insights into necessary adjustments and effective advertising strategies to achieve their desired goals.

We set realistic targets

From the start of our collaboration with Opsy.si, we established a framework for success. This involved defining key metrics to be monitored and target values to strive for. While we respect client confidentiality and cannot disclose all details, we can share some of the crucial metrics we jointly identified for improvement.

  • Target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): 15
  • Target Cost per Acquisition (CPO): €3.75
  • Target Average Order Value (AOV): €56.25

How did we approach Facebook advertising?

We tried different types of campaigns, target audiences and creatives in the beginning, and we can say that we quickly discovered what brings the best results, and after the first few weeks of working together, we started to achieve our goals.

Below we share some of the most successful creatives we have used in our Facebook campaigns. From left to right, they yielded ROAS of 27, 31 and 26. With an average ROAS of 23, it's clear that the other campaigns are also performing extremely well.


Exceeding Expectations

Transparency and realistic goals are at the heart of every partnership. We embarked on this collaboration with Opsy.si with achievable targets in mind. While we were confident, we exceeded expectations by a significant margin across several key metrics (while AOV increased too, it fell slightly short of our initial target. We're confident of further optimization in the future).

Here's a breakdown of the impressive results achieved through Facebook advertising:

Facebook oglaševanje

  • 48% increase in Facebook Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • 238% growth in purchases driven by Facebook ads
  • 27% decrease in cost per new customer acquisition (CPA)


All Online Channels

  • 57% higher conversion rate to purchase
  • 216% more purchases
  • 261% higher revenue


Our successful partnership with Opsy.si has led to an exciting development. We've tripled our monthly Facebook ad spend, reflecting a shared commitment to even greater results. This translates into bolder goals, including a 20% increase in ROAS.

We're confident that this amplified collaboration will unlock even more success for Opsy.si.

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