We designed a comprehensive digital strategy for Visionect – a company that develops devices and solutions supporting hybrid workplace models. The strategy helped drive their sales while our strategic lead generation activities unlocked new, quality leads.

647,16 %

more website-generated leads

57,36 %

higher conversion rate

81,94 %

more ad-driven purchases

126,3 %

higher sales

Designing a comprehensive strategy

How to help a customer who is going through a transformation of their internal marketing team and is in dire need of an effective digital strategy that would help them take their sales to the next level?

This is the question with which we kick-started our cooperation with Visionect, a company that develops devices and solutions supporting hybrid workplace models. Our customer wanted to increase the sales of the devices they sell under the Joan brand, improve the lead generation activities for their solutions, optimize the management of the previously-used key advertising channels, and get some guidance on how they could further drive quality traffic on their website.

Since the Madwise team is always focused on efficient and measurable digital solutions, we approached our cooperation with Visonect comprehensively. This meant we did not focus only on managing their advertising channels, but rather helped the customer and provided consultations on how they can improve their user experience, optimize their SEO, tackle content marketing and implement multichannel advertising. Our goal was to fulfil the customer's expectations across all the essential marketing solutions while, at the same time, taking into account the specifics of the B2B industry, the internal dynamics of the customer's team and the positioning of their product.

Visionect aplikacija

What obstacle did we tackle first?

There are many different approaches to advertising, each of them having its own advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, we first assessed how certain advantages and disadvantages align with the strategy we have designed. At the start of our cooperation with the customer, we sensed that the pace and timely achievement of sales and lead generation results were two key elements of their strategy. This is why we set the goal to move things as fast as possible and selected specific advertising approaches based on our tested methodologies.

To a great extent, this involved upgrading and optimizing the current situation. Before the start of our cooperation, the customer had been using five different Google Ads accounts and one Facebook Ads account. To increase the transparency and efficiency as well as improve the effectiveness of advertising with Google Ads, we merged the five advertising accounts into one single account. With all the data stored in a single place, advertising with a single account allowed for a more successful implementation of campaigns.

Campaign management thus became more effective as merging the accounts brought all the data together in one single place. Moreover, merging all Google Ads accounts enabled us to simply link the account with Google Merchant Center, which our customer had not used before. This allowed us to introduce a new type of ads – Google Shopping Ads, which was a key factor in increasing the website traffic and driving device sales through Google Ads.

How did we reach our goal??


We designed a full-funnel marketing strategy by breaking down the advertising activities into three parts based on the level of visitor interest and their touchpoints in the purchase process. Each part was linked to customized ads and landing pages developed for the visitors. Instead of sticking to an A🡪B purchase process, we foresaw that the visitors would go through multiple stages which we orchestrated ourselves, i.e. A🡪B🡪C🡪D. This segmented communication was managed in Facebook Ads and Google Ads (both through search campaigns and Google Display Network banners).


We started by generating quality leads on the website, using lead-generation activities and customized landing pages that provided the visitors with quality content related to office management. Aside from directly driving online sales, we also wanted to convert random visitors into quality leads that would be managed subsequently by the sales team to further drive the profitability of the company. This activity is based on the insight that the buyer's journey tends to be longer when they are purchasing different products for furnishing the entire office. For this reason, we used different advertising channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Ads) to launch multiple lead generation campaigns simultaneously.


In order to generate new leads on LinkedIn, we used dedicated automation tools for LinkedIn communication. We wanted the interested users of this social network to connect with the Visionect sales team as soon as possible. By using the selected tool, we automated both the process of establishing connections with other users as well as all subsequent communication with users who accepted the LinkedIn connection request.


We used Google Shopping advertising to upgrade the Google Ads strategy since this type of advertising is based on the promotion of products. It allows users to quickly recognize a product based on visual materials, provides them with key information about the price and availability, and redirects them directly to the product page when they click on the corresponding ad (click here to learn more about this type of advertising).

Results that exceeded all expectations

Higher website traffic

In six months, we managed to achieve:

  • A higher number of website visits (+16.05%) and sessions (+25.10 %),
  • An improved visit quality (a lower bounce rate, higher number of pages per session, and a longer visit duration),
  • A 22.73% higher conversion rate,
  • A 53.47% higher purchase rate,
  • 67.69% higher sales of devices.

Overall website traffic

Conversion rate+ 22,73 %
Transactions+ 53,47 %
Revenue+ 67,69 %

Google / CPC

Conversion rate+ 57,36 %
Transactions+ 81,94 %
Revenue+ 126,3 %

Increasing efficiency with Google Ads

The Google Ads channel recorded an increased efficiency across all areas:

  • A higher quality and quantity of website visits (+12,60%),
  • A 57,36 % higher conversion rate,
  • 81,94 % more ad-driven purchases,
  • 126,3 % higher sales.

Increasing the effectiveness of lead generation

We managed to increase the effectiveness of lead generation on the website. In addition to testing various landing pages and lead magnets, we also made use of several advertising channels, which resulted in a 647.16% increase in website-generated leads.

Number of leads+ 647,16 %
Ana Križmančič

The expressions I would use to describe our cooperation with Madwise are expertise, a systemic approach, adaptability, vast know-how and regard for the customer. We started our cooperation in a time when our company was going through some difficult changes. It was their responsiveness that allowed us to strengthen the pillars of our digital marketing and take our marketing efforts a step further.

Their team worked hard for us, prepared drafts for creative campaigns and were always willing to go the extra mile. It is evident from what they do that they always put the customer's needs first. What is more, they always light up the mood in our meetings. I highly recommend the Madwise team to any marketing department out there.

Ana Križmančič, Marketing Director at Visionect

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