Our approach to e-commerce development is comprehensive. Besides setting up the infrastructure on one of the selected platforms – such as WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify or any other – we make sure your personas are clearly defined, the customer journey flawless, the analytical tools properly implemented and the user experience (UX) seamless.

E-commerce and digital marketing

E-commerce solutions include everything from e-commerce development, UX optimization, efficient advertising of products or services and advanced marketing approaches for reaching a high return on investment (ROI). This is why they are crucial for the survival and success of companies in the digital age. Shopping online is not merely a trend – it is our present and future.

It is popular mostly due to the benefits for the customers. A broad selection of products or services in one single place, no queues at crowded cashiers, a simple comparison of products, and comfort during shopping are the driving forces behind the rapid growth of e-commerce websites. Companies have an opportunity to present their offers in detail with accurate descriptions, images, videos and the reviews by other customers. All this makes the decision on buying a product or service considerably easier for the customer.

E-commerce wevsite design


When designing an e-commerce website, we ensure a seamless UX in order to maximize sales.

Platform selection


We select a suitable platform depending on the number of products, ERP or CRM needs and other factors.

Shop development


In e-commerce development, we use the agile approach and make sure that our client is satisfied with each individual stage of the project.

Client training


After completing a project, we teach our client the basics of running an e-commerce website and monitoring sales performance.


The ecommerce guide is intended for new and experienced online retailers who want to increase the profitability of their online store.

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E-commerce development

Taking into account your customers’ needs, the number of products, technical difficulty, integration with CRM or ERP systems and other criteria, we select an appropriate platform – Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento. When developing your e-commerce website, we abide by the latest standards and ensure that the website is responsive on various devices and optimized for different search engines.

E-commerce development also includes the implementation of analytical tools and in-depth testing, which guarantees impeccable functionality.

E-commerce development

When developing a website, do not hesitate to get in touch.

E-commerce maintenance

E-commerce maintenance

We provide long-term e-commerce website maintenance, which ensures the website functions flawlessly after any potential update and upgrade. We can also teach you how to effectively manage your e-commerce website – from adding products and editing multimedia content to changing the copy and comprehensively managing your e-commerce.

After the launch of your e-commerce website, we provide advanced ad management on Google and social media. We also take care of dynamic remarketing, which targets the visitors of your e-commerce website with personalized ads for products that they have previously viewed.