The modern, user-friendly and straightforward website reflects the elegance and diversity of the Alma Vista villa.

Alma Vista
  • user-friendly website

  • modern, minimalistic design

  • top quality photography

Luxury villa

Alma Vista is a luxury villa and offers a unique experience in the heart of the Goriška Brda region (Slovenia). The villa is owned by the renowned Simčič family, known for their wines, that are created with passion and respecting tradition. The guests can enjoy a relaxing retreat in the embrace of some wonderful nature and a wide range of local experiences, such as a visit to the authentic wine cellar or joining the wine workshop. The visitors can learn everything about local and foreign artists and during their stay enjoy the works of art that give the villa a special charm.

Elegant Website Design

The greatest challenge we were faced with was presenting the diversity of offer without losing the touch of elegance and prestige. The website design is minimalistic; the important element is exquisite photography, showing the villa and its surroundings in the most flattering way.

Alma Vista - Elegant design

User experience

The website offers all of the important information at a glance. The simple contact form allows the visitors to book their stay via the website; we added the booking calendar, so the visitors can check availability within selected dates.

Alma Vista - User experience

Power of the pen

The website copy in Slovene and English is short, concise and communicative. With a touch of poetic language, the copy and website design merge into a perfect image that fully reflects the luxury Alma Vista has to offer.

Alma Vista - Power of the pen