A website for one of the largest tourism companies in Slovenia, To Do In Slovenia, with more than 60 year of experience. Its primary purpose is the presentation of services and online bookings.

To do in Slovenia
To do Slovenia - Day Trips

Slovenia day trips

At To Do In Slovenia they are specialised in organising day trips in the most beautiful tourist destinations in Slovenia. Their mission is to offer clients tailored trips and to guarantee unforgettable experiences by taking care of all the clients’ needs. The previous website, intended for trip booking, had become obsolete and rigid. At the same time it didn’t highlight the above-standard offers To Do In Slovenia provided for their clients.

To do in Slovenia

Three Key Challenges

During our project, there was a challenge closely connected with the new website. Brand repositioning with emphasis on flexibility and unique experiences led the process of website design. Together with the client, we defined the target audience and personas to enable an excellent user experience and a website responsive design for users on various devices. We set up trip booking processes from scratch, provided descriptions for every trip and added useful content to help out with questions tourists might have when visiting Slovenia.