For Ford Slovenija, we developed the online version of Ford Magazine, designed for fans, owners and future buyers of Ford vehicles. The website fully supports lead generation and content marketing activities.

Ford Magazine

From print to website – Ford Magazine online magazine

We used various workshops to explore how to establish a strong and long-term relationship with potential and existing buyers. We studied different market segments, established personas and defined the website structure. We designed the website as an online lifestyle magazine.

The wide range of content was organised to meet the different users’ interests. The content was divided into 4 key categories – Active, Families, Fast, and Entrepreneur. The users can select the desired category and get only the news they are most interested in.

Ford Magazine website role

Customer journey and the role of the website

The website fills gaps in the customer journey at least in two ways. The smart distribution of useful content invites online readers who want good stories and additionally it provides new contacts into the top of the funnel. It also supports the nurturing phase – after all, buying a new vehicle is not an impulsive decision.

Ford Magazine website role

Simple to use

The website is built on WordPress, which enables simple administration and management for the client. In practice, this means the simple and quick publishing of new content. At the same time, WordPress provides some user-friendly functionalities to feature some news.

The website also functions as a great resource for Ford employees and Ford car dealers as they check the latest news at any given moment. Therefore content on the website helps everyone at Ford to more effectively sell cars.