We have developed the Prva Izbira online platform for Summit Motors Ljubljana, distributor of Ford vehicles in Slovenia. It allows the users to simply find their perfect vehicle and check the stock of models with car dealers.

Ford Prva izbira
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A few simple steps to your new car

There is still the opportunity for growth - no matter the market. The automotive industry is the evidence for that, as the sale of personal vehicles in the last six years in Slovenia has increased by more than 40%. Despite the success, buyer habits quickly change, and having the top product is often not enough to get people to visit the sales showroom.

Summit Motors Ljubljana (general agent and representative of the Ford brand) is well aware of this, and we have joined forces with them to create the PrvaIzbira.si website, which in a simple and user-friendly way enables the users to find and buy their perfect car.

Ford Prva izbira

Website Design

We handled the website renovation with the same level of care Ford develops their innovative technology – with 100% determination to fully serve its users.

The clean, minimalistic and responsive design supports an excellent user experience and integration of technological tools that provide the accurate and latest data on the website. Therefore the user can find their dream car as soon as possible.

Ford Prva Izbira - Design

Simple to use

The website is integrated with the Ford backend system, which guarantees perfect automation and lowers the chances of error. Simple navigation and filters can help even the most indecisive user to quickly find a suitable car. The website also allows users to book a test drive or to request an offer. No more browsing catalogues, calling around and exploring different financing options.

Ford Prva Izbira - Simple to use

Ready for the test drive?

Car dealerships receive all the necessary information and data, so there is no boring and unnecessary filling out of forms at sales showrooms. The buyer doesn’t need to waste their time searching for test vehicles, as they can check car availability on the website itself. It takes only a few steps to locate the nearest car dealership with the car they want.

Ford Prva Izbira - Test drive

Enquiry for vehicles in stock

What if the user is looking for an offer? They can request one for all the vehicles in stock. The website allows them to search for the perfect car according to their needs.

Ford Prva Izbira - Enquiry

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