Working with one of Slovenia’s most successful companies, Hooray Studios, we’ve designed and developed a business website. With interactive elements for online/web use, it beckons its users into the magical world of personalised books Mali junaki. (Personalised book series Mali junaki)

Hooray Studios – A magical user experience

A business website radiating its company’s unique identity

Hooray Studios is present in 7 global markets, with a localised persona for each country. With a website and books in the native language of their respective market, Hooray studios can approach their customers in a more authentic way when aiming to introduce their personalised books. Nevertheless they decided it was time to introduce the world to their company - the creative talent that makes millions of children happy.

Hooray Studios – A magical user experience
Hooray studio zmaj

The books created by Hooray Studios are known to excite (the children) and motivate (the parents). Our goal was to capture the creative energy present in the company and their products and translate it into an equally magical website. Showcasing playfulness, colourfulness and childish excitement we tried to capture the essence and spirit of the reliable and fast growing company.

A website that comes to life

Each specific element of the website was thoughtfully chosen to creatively enhance the interactive web experience. Navigating through the website, the user is greeted by subtle details and unobtrusive animations that help bring the books’ illustrations to life.

Illustrations adorning Hooray Studio’s books aim to find and build a personal connection with the reader. Our aim was to reproduce that same effect in the new website. In each segment a carefully chosen illustration and custom content directly communicates with the user. The lovable characters thus outline the boundless world of childhood imagination.

The intuitiveness of conveying the story was enhanced with introduction of animations that further bring the book characters to life. With carefully planned animation that showcases natural movement of the characters, additional elements were also animated such as a leaf, rocking chair, stars… Combined they form an animated whole that leaves no visitor unmoved.

Hooray studio deklica

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