For the Izoterm Plama company we built a new lead generation optimised website, which attracts more visits and new leads.

Izoterm B2B website

Client’s challenges

Izoterm Plama is an innovative company that supplies the entire European market with foamed polyethylene, environment-friendly insolation material. They were unsatisfied with their online communication, which did not reach the high standards Izoterm Plama is known for. There were only a few enquiries via the website, which meant that actual opportunities for growth in foreign markets were not yet exploited.

From challenges to solutions

The new website reflects the quality and innovativeness of the Izoterm Plama company. It presents the offer and the key benefits in a simple and professional way, leading the visitor to submit an enquiry, which is the main goal of the B2B website.

Izoterm Plama - challenges and solutions

Methodology of building the website

Together we chose a project manager in the client's team and defined the work process suitable for their workload. That way, we made sure our client was happy with the final result as well as with the process. We used the waterfall method, which implements four phases of building a website with a clear confirmation of each step, before continuing onto the next one.

Izoterm Plama - Methodology


First, we got familiar with the operations of Izoterm Plama. We had a lot of questions and learned interesting details about production and selling insulation and packaging. Only by understanding the company and their customers were we able to design a website that fully supported the business model.


Based on selected information, we prepared wireframes which displayed how the information on the website would be presented and explained. Wireframes were coordinated with the client and the design came next.


Once the design was confirmed, the assignment was taken over by our development team. They made sure the ideas came to life, the contact forms worked impeccably, and the users would have a truly good experience. We tested the website thoroughly and only then was it published.

Client's feedback