For Alta we developed a strategic approach to lead generation with content marketing and a lead generation landing page.

Alta registrski računi
  • educational website

  • e-guide on registration accounts

  • lead nurturing campaign

  • 1st place on Google

Smart planning for later results

Soon after the notification of the cancelation of registry accounts (which would affect 300,000 people in Slovenia at the end of 2016) we started thinking what to do during 2016 to gain trust from potential clients. We wanted ALTA to become known as a synonym for knowledge, which the people will need when deciding what is best to do with the funds in their registry accounts. Yet you cannot become a recognised and credible professional in such a specific area in one day. Neither for Google, nor for demanding users.

Educational landing page

We started the work immediately. In the beginning of 2016, we built the educational website It had two goals – to collect contact data from users interested in information regarding registry accounts, and to educate them on the process and options that were available upon cancellation.

Alta - Educational landing page

How to rank first on Google

Hard work and time is necessary for reaching this goal. We handled it with on-site SEO optimisation of the landing page and then focused the attention to off-site SEO activities. More on this later on.

Alta Google


At the start, we considered the selection of the domain, whether to use a domain with a singular or nominal noun. Is it better with a hyphen or without? Yes, even a single character can make a difference in the digital world. It all depends on what people type in the search engine most often. “Registry account” (registrski račun) was the selected keyword, which was the buzz in 2016.

Good SEO optimisation cannot happen without researching the competition. This seemed a hard nut to crack at first sight, since many financial institutions seem authoritative due to the longevity of the domain and they rank higher no matter what. But 8 years of in-depth experience in SEO optimisation enables us to recognise real opportunities.

Alta - Planning


The times when website optimisation meant using a keyword many times are over (were they ever there?). The starting point is optimisation for users – quality content supported by good user experience. Google monitors the website visitors’ behaviour. If they leave the website quickly, their dissatisfaction is recorded, and the website’s position drops in the search results.

An excellent UX experience was accompanied by usage of selected keywords. URLs were friendly and readable, all elements accurately named, code cleaned, and website responsive so as to function properly on mobile devices. Almost 30% of visitors visited the website via mobile devices – and good user experience was rewarded with a high conversion rate.


Getting quality links from websites, which already have a high authority with Google, is of key importance when doing SEO. We made sure the new linear appeared in line with the search volume for keywords or a little under it. Google detected the website as a relevant source for keywords.

Besides the planned links, there were many organic ones. The quality and relevant content convinced people to use and share the website. We constantly monitored the competition as well and adapted our approaches to the Google algorithm changes. Optimisation is absolutely not a one-time process.


Top content and good optimisation led the visitors to the website and we gladly answered their questions. But how to acquire their data? How to address them when you needed to accept a decision on funds from the registry account?

Alta - Contact

To reach the first objective, we prepared a guide to registry accounts. Besides explaining what a registry account was, and why the cancellations occurred, the readers were given actual examples and suggestions on what to do regarding the value of their stocks. By downloading it, the visitor not only received one-time content, but also became a subscriber to a regular newsletter.


With several years of collaborating with ALTA, the desires of their clients were well met. That is why we decided to raise the frequency of the registry accounts newsletter to twice a month. We avoided being too pushy, but it was important to have valid information reach users and help them when they needed to decide.

With regular lead nurturing, we managed to get many of the registry account owners to transfer their stocks to the ALTA trading account. But we must not forget about the new clients, who did not download the guide, yet they spent time on the website to learn and, in December 2016, personally visited the ALTA business unit.