Learn how we designed the overall visual identity of the online eyewear store Perla Optics.

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Perla Optics is a brand that primarily focuses on customers between the ages of 20 and 40. For that reason, we based the color palette and design solutions on fresh, youthful, and in their own way, timeless design trends.

The Perla Optics Colour Palette


The Logo Story

The client initially envisioned the brand name Perla (without the addition of the word Optics). With the purpose to create a stronger association with glasses and other optical aids for vision, we proposed to upgrade the name into Perla Optics, which also serves as a great basis for logo design.

The client accepted our proposal and the logotype was created. It consists of stylized letters P and O, which together illustrate the shape of glasses.

Secondary Logo and Color Variations

In addition to the primary logo, we have provided a secondary logo and different color variations for different types of use – with an emphasis on digital media.

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Overall Corporate Visual Identity

The Perla Optics overall corporate visual identity consists of the rules for the use and placement of the logo, and the selection of modern typography suitable for use online and in print.

Perla Optics

We have been cooperating with Madwise in the field of digital marketing for a longer period. When we approached them with the idea of ​​a new brand and online store, they immediately bombarded us with constructive and professionally based suggestions. We are excited about the product, the overall visual identity of Perla Optics. At the same time, we are already planning our next project, an online store, which will also be created in Madwise.

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