We helped Žak Ltd, a company that sells and services chainsaws and garden machinery, to set up effective search campaigns during an important part of the season and improve their results, despite the removal of a popular brand from their advertising campaigns.

80.18% Higher sales in the first month of advertising with a very similar number of visitors via Google Ads

We increased ROAS to 584.88%.

First and second positions in auctions
(Top of the Page Rate and Absolute Top of the Page Rate)

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Starting Point

Because the client had previously worked with another agency that had already set up successful campaigns, so we needed to identify opportunities for improvement quickly.


The main activity was to restructure the campaigns to improve Quality Score and Ad Rank.

Testing Creatives

What users are really interested in and how to persuade them into buying more expensive products online.

Removing Popular Brands From the Assortment

At the time of our account takeover, some brands were withdrawn from advertising due to other business arrangements. This created an additional challenge as the remaining brands were not as popular.

How did we upgrade the campaigns?

There was not much time to take over the activities, and at the same time, we had to rebuild all the campaigns. As autumn and early winter are important seasons for many product categories, we had to rush the roll-out.

We started by sorting out errors in Google Analytics, as some data was recorded incorrectly due to code duplication. We implemented event measurement for Enhanced Ecommerce reports and set up new remarketing audiences.

This was followed by a restructuring of the campaigns. We had to take a different approach than the previous contractor, as we could not make a big leap forward with a simple reworking of the existing campaigns. We opted for a combination of SKAG (Single-Keyword Ad Groups) and SIAG (Single-Interest Ad Groups). This took into account the restrictions resulting from the consolidation of keyword-matching methods and the increasing relaxation of restrictions on search ads.

Complementary and related keywords were grouped into individual keyword groups, and to ensure high CTRs, ad relevance, and a good landing page experience, we took the SKAG approach with cross-negative keyword matchingfor successful products and categories. This allowed us to immediately achieve a high Ad Rank and beat most of our competitors in the auctions.

Responsive Text Ads also played an important role. We prepared several variations for A/B testing purposes to see which approach and combinations worked best. We used the option of "pinning" individual headlines and descriptions to a specific sequential position, and in some cases, we left the permutations to Google's hands. All ads were accompanied by ad extensions, which are an important factor in achieving high auction positions.

We also had to confront the removal of one of the more popular brands from the sales range. This led to a reorganization of the campaign structure, as the brand had been an important success factor in the past.

We successfully completed the key part of the season, started with our activities on other channels, and further addressed the shortcomings in the analytical tools’ infrastructure.


“Madwise increased sales by 80% in the first month of advertising with super ROAS compared to the same period last year. In addition to the great results we are achieving together, I am very pleased with their attitude. They are responsive and transparent.”

Jan Žakelj, CEO of Žak, Ltd.